Special Pac-Man

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CountUser NameScoreDate
1SPECIALDAY132602020-07-09 12:39:56pm
2SPECIALDAY76502020-07-09 01:05:12pm
3SPECIALDAY27402020-07-09 01:02:14pm
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Special Marketplace Shipping

Worldwide Delivery

While checking out, the customer will be able to choose separate shipping providers for separate vendors. Goods bought in Special Marketplace may be delivered with the following shipping methods:

  • USPS;
  • FedEx;
  • DHL.

Our products will be delivered from 6 different locations worldwide, depending on which will be the nearest to the customer.

After the order is placed, the vendor should login to his vendor dashboard and generate labels from there. In addition, vendors can request pickups and generate manifests from their own vendor dashboard.