Special Pac-Man

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CountUser NameScoreDate
1SPECIALDAY132602020-07-09 12:39:56pm
2SPECIALDAY76502020-07-09 01:05:12pm
3SPECIALDAY27402020-07-09 01:02:14pm
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How To Become Vendor


Your Special Store

You can become vendor straight away when registering your Special account and becoming Special Member. Once filled the registration/vendor application and confirmed your email, your account will be created and your Special store will be opened.

Registration application can be found here.

Users registering with the quick registration (by logging in with Facebook) don’t become vendors, therefore if they wish to open their own Special store, they will need to fill up the vendor application.

Registered Special Members will find the vendor application by logging in and going to their profile page.



Convenience, Speed, Safety

Vendors get their money for sales automatically to their Stripe account, and to the bank account from there.

There is a 1% commission fee for all sales in the marketplace, it will be applied automatically.

Special Marketplace payments provider Stripe collects the following fees for processing payments:

  • 1.4% + €0.25 – for European cards;
  • 2.9% + €0.25 – for non-European cards.

This fee will automatically be applied to the vendor on every purchase.

To ensure safety and quality of Special Marketplace and integrity of vendors, the vendors revenue from the sales will be reserved for seven (7) days in vendor’s Stripe account. After 7 days, money will be automatically released to the vendor’s bank account listed in vendor’s Stripe account.