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1SPECIALDAY132602020-07-09 12:39:56pm
2SPECIALDAY76502020-07-09 01:05:12pm
3SPECIALDAY27402020-07-09 01:02:14pm
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About Us

SPECIALDAY - it's the Next Generation Network in the world.
It's the Special Network, Marketplace, Bank, Entertainment and Cloud - all in one!


Mission - unite and connect the world on subjects such as creativity, entertainment, gifts, arts, gaming, science, technology, nature, leisure, hobbies, travelling and anything else that could be Special.

Goal - a creativity cherishing next generation Special Network platform in the world that has it's own brand and a non-profit organization funded by the Special Network.

Vision - research the universe and bring the true to the humanity by uniting the world and creating the next generation organization of different categories networks, where each network stands for a certain category of civilization, has it's own brand as well as a non profit organization.

Special Network contains of:


Connect To Each Other

If you wish to take part in the network, you will have to register. Once registered and confirmed your email, you will become Special Member.

Special Stream – it’s the public Special corner and list of all activities that happen on Special network. This is the main and home page of SPECIALDAY. 

This is where Special members gather to public, closed and hidden groups, that unite them among common interests.

All Special Members may become friends to each other. In your profile settings, you can choose to only show your content to your friends.


Special Store For Everyone - FREE

Shopping in Special Marketplace is no different than in any other marketplace – registration is not necessary.  All cards payments are safe and are processed through Stripe.

Everyone can become vendor on Special Marketplace, open a free Special store and sell products, services and subscriptions. There is a 1% commission fee for all sales in the marketplace, it will be applied automatically for each sale.

  • We accept the following cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB.
  • All payments and payouts for vendors are processed through Stripe;
  • Vendors get their money for sales automatically to their Stripe account, and to the bank account from there, automatically too.

To ensure safety and quality of Special Marketplace and integrity of vendors, the vendors revenue from the sales will be reserved for seven (7) days in vendor’s Stripe account. After 7 days, money will be automatically released to the vendor’s bank account listed in vendor’s Stripe account.

While checking out, the customer will be able to choose separate shipping providers for separate vendors. Goods bought in Special Marketplace may be delivered with the following shipping methods:

  • USPS;
  • FedEx;
  • DHL.


Next Generation Resources

It’s the next generation currency, based on social activities. Only Special Members generate Special Coins by executing certain events on the Special Network.

It’s the next generation Special loyalty currency. Only Special Members get Special Dollars and spend them in the Special Marketplace.

Special Members may invite others to become Special and to register on the Special Network. In that way they will get lifetime commissions for Special purchases of their invites, up to the 4th level.

Special Members get a 0.5% cash-back when purchasing Special products, services and subscriptions.

Special Members may top-up their Special Bank instantly with their debit/credit cards. If you wish to top-up your Special Bank please login, navigate to your Special Special Bank page and click button “Top-Up my Special Bank”.

Special Members get additional 1% Special Coins from the Top-Up amount.

Special Members may pay for their Special purchases with their Special Bank Dollars, by covering 15% of such products price. The rest will need to be covered usually – with a debit/credit card.

Special Coins must be converted to Special Dollars, in order to be able to use them for shopping. This can easily be done in the Special Exchange, that can be found in your Special Bank, when logged in.


Everything That's Special

It’s the digital Special encyclopedia and database. This is where Special Members nurture the information about entertainment, gifts, arts, gaming, science, technology, nature, leisure, hobbies, travelling and anything else, that could be Special.

By responsibly collecting Special information, the Special Robot will automatically reward each action with Special Coins, which you can convert to Special Dollars and use in the Special Marketplace.


Coins For Playing

It’s the Special public online games portal.

This is where Special Members entertain, compete to each other and generate Special Coins.


Social Sentinel

Special Robot is the Sentinel of Special Network, a friend of all, a helper and a generous rewarder. He is responsible for the order of the entire Special Network, he takes care of all Special Members and their well-being, as well awards for their loyalty and content.

We created Special Robot in order to purposefully structure content of the Special Network, to ensure the quality of information, correct evaluation of the content and loyalty of Special Members.